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Roswell: Alien Hand Print


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Episode Review



This page reviews the previous Roswell episodes in New Zealand. I have also included the screen date for each episode in USA.

If you want summaries of the previous episodes I will be putting them on another page so come back soon!

The episode reviews wont be updated until the 3rd season of Roswell begins in NZ. Season 3 premiers with a double episode Tuesday 22 Jan at 8.30pm on TV2 - bye4now!

Screened: NZ - 19/5/02
USA - 14/5/02
Guest Starring: John Doe, Mary Ellen Trainor, Winnie Holzman, Michael Shamus Wiles, Patrick Kilpatrick, Joel McKinnon Miller and Garrett M. Brown

Liz discovers that she can see into the future and has a vision of her and the aliens being shot. Her vision also includes a sci-fi writer who they discover will give a speech at the annual UFO Convention in twelve days. The gang realise they are in great danger and decide to leave after graduation, but the sci-fi author from Liz's vision is a guest speaker on graduation night and the teens are forced to make a quick escape. Jesse departs Isabel and takes a new job in Boston, Valenti becomes Deputy Sheriff and Michael, Isabel, Maria, Kyle and newly-weds Max and Liz leave Roswell... Forever!

There we have it - the last EVER episode of Roswell. Although I think the show could have had a more exciting ending, its great to see that the aliens weren't killed - maybe there will be a Season Four one day, you just never know. If you want to help try and bring the show back then go to and join the Passion through compassions Campaign.

Grade (on a scale of 10): 10

Screening Times

USA - Season 3 is screening Tuesdays, 9.00pm on UPN
NZ - Season 3 is screening Tuesdays, 8.30pm on TV2

Favorite Episode

My favourite episode of Roswell would have to be 'The Summer of '47' screened in Season 2 because the cast was playing different characters and because it was set back during the time of the 1947 crash.