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Roswell: Alien Hand Print


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Cast Biographies

This page has images and mini-bios of the Roswell cast


Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker

Shiri has been in a number of movies including 'The Thirteenth Floor' and 'Deal of a Lifetime.' She has also been a guest star in several TV shows including ER and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Born: 7 December 1978,
Los Angeles, California, USA

Shiri Appleby plays Liz Parker. She found out about Max, Isabel and Michael being aliens after Max miraculously healed her after a shooting at her parents restaurant the Crashdown where she works with her best friend Maria.


Majandra Delfino as Maria DeLuca

Majandra's (pronounced Ma-han-dra) first movie appearance was in Zeus and Roxanne playing Judith. Since then she has been in several movies including the Blockbuster hit Traffic.

Born:20 February 1981,
Caracas, Venezuela

Majandra plays Maria DeLuca. Maria is Liz's best friend and works with her at the Crashdown. She is definitelty the nicest person on Roswell and she is the daughter of solo mother Amy DeLuca.


Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin

Brendan has been in a number of movies including Every Mothers Worst Fear, Perfect Little Angels and Final Destination. Apart from being a Roswell couple Brendan and Majandra are a couple in real life.

Born: 29 October 1977,
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Brendan plays rude and stubborn alien Michael Guerin. He is Max's best friend and is dating Maria DeLuca.


Emilie de Ravin as Tess Harding

Aussie actress Emilie de Ravin's first T.V. appearance was in the series Beatmaster. Apart from being an actress she is also a ballet dancer and was accepted into the highly selective Australian Ballet School.

Born: 27 December 1981
Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia

Emilie plays the fourth evil alien Tess. She is perhaps the most powerful of the four aliens and she is destined to marry Max.


William Sadler as Jim Valenti

William Sadler has been in over 40 movies including The Green Mile, Disturbing Behaviour, Stealth Fighter, Solo and Demon Knight. William has also guest starred in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Tales from the Crypt.

Born:13 April 1950,
Buffalo, New York, USA

William plays Roswells former sheriff Jim Valenti. He is Kyles father and has been protecting Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess ever since he found out they were aliens.

A mature man; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Jason Behr as Max Evans

Jason has starred in several movies including Pleasantville and Rites of Passage. He also played Chris Wolfe in the popular TV series Dawsons Creek.

Born:30 December 1973,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Jason plays alien Max Evans. Max, his sister Isabel, his best friend Michael and destined wife Tess are aliens trying to find out where they come from. He is Liz's on/off boyfriend.


Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans

Katherine has starred in movies such as Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Bride of Chucky, 100 Girls and Valentine.She has also appeared in King of the Hill. She is dating co-star Jason Behr in real life.

Born:24 November 1978,
New Canaan, Connecticut, USA

Katherine plays Max's sister Isabel. Like Max, Michael and Tess she is also an alien and she has several powers including dream invading. She is married to Jesse Ranmirez.


Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti

Nick Wechsler is the 5th of eight sons. He has been in Perfect Game, Man Chicks and Full Circle and he also appeared in the TV series Team Night Raider.

Born:3 September 1978,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Nick plays Sheriff Valenti's only son Kyle. Kyle was Liz's first boyfriend but after she broke up with him he began dating Tess.


Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman

Son of award winning actor Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks has starred in That Thing You Do, Whatever it Takes, Get Over It, the TV series Band of Brothers and Under the Mimosa.

Born: 24 November 1977
Sacramento, California, USA

Colin Hanks plays geeky Alex Whitman. He is best friends with Maria DeLuca and Liz Parker, doing just about anything for them. He had an obsession for Isabel before he was killed by Tess.


Adam Rodriguez as Jesse Ramirez

Adam Rodriguez has appeared in TV series such as Felicity, All Souls and Law & Order. Movie appearances include Details, Rikki the Pig and Imposter.

Born:31 August 1971,
New York City, New York, USA

Adam plays Isabels husband Jesse Ramirez. Jesse is a Lawyer who works for Philip Evans' Law Firm.

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