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Roswell: Alien Hand Print


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Upcoming Episodes of Roswell

-Samuel Rising-
Screening: 12/3/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @ 8.30pm)
Premiered: 18/12/01 (USA - UPN @9.00pm)
When an autistic boy speaks to Max, he befriends the boy in the hope that his own child is using him to communicate.
- A Tale of Two Parties/ I Married an Alien- ( Double Episode)
Screening: 19/3/02 ( New Zealand - TV2 @ 7.30pm)
Premiered: 1/1/02 & 29/1/02 (USA - UPN @ 9.00pm)
On New Year's Eve, most of the gang searches for a secret party in the desert, while Liz stays at the Crashdown to host a party for senior citizens.
An old friend of Jesse's suspects Isabel is not what she seems.
Screening: 26/3/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @8.30pm)
Premiered: 5/2/02 (USA - UPN @ 9.00pm)
Liz begins to suffer ill effects from being healed by Max. Maria gets the opportunity to pursue a career in music.
Screening: 3/4/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @ 8.30pm)
Premiered: 12/2/02 (USA - UPN @ 9.00pm)
Maria and Liz leave Roswell to pursue their dreams, while Michael enlists the help of his friends in investigating the murder of his co-worker.
-Chant Down Babylon-
Screening: 23/4/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @ 8.30pm)
Premiered: 26/2/02 (USA - UPN @ 9.00pm)
Isabel fights for her life after being shotduring a showdown with security guards, while Max and Clayton Wheeler struggle for control of one body.
-Who Died and Made You King?-
Screening: 30/4/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @ 8.30pm)
Screening (USA): 23/4/02 (9.00pm on UPN)
Max and Michael vie for leadership of the aliens while the FBI recruits Jesse to spy on them.
Screening: 7/5/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @ 8.30pm)
Screening (USA): 30/4/02 (UPN @ 9.00pm)
Michael saves a pilot from being killed by the airforce to cover up his collision with a UFO.
-Four Aliens and a Baby-
Screening: 14/5/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @ 8.30pm)
Screening (USA): 7/5/02 (UPN @ 9.00pm)
Tess returns from Antar with Max's son and the air force are hot on their trail.
Screening: 19/5/02 (New Zealand - TV2 @ 8.30pm)
Screening (USA): 14/5/02 (UPN @ 9.00pm)
The aliens realise that they are no longer safe in Roswell and make plans to leave after graduation (Season Finale).